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    Welcome to Star Building Materials


    Star Building Materials is a family owned and run business with a great reputation in the building materials industry. Since established in 1984, our products have helped build many of the homes throughout the Tri-State area. Our goals have been, and still remain, to provide the best service, superior values, and quality building materials to our customers.

    Our professional, experienced and friendly sales staff will help you select from the numerous quality building materials for your project. Use the links to the left to view our product lines, which include: Brick, Fireplaces, Pavers, Block, Roofing, Stone, and Tools. If there is something you need or you do not see on our site, please call (859)525-8882 for our Florence, Kentucky location or (513)942-7827 for the Fairfield, OH location. You may also email us at starbuildingmaterials@fuse.net if you prefer. We will be happy to personally assist you with your product interest.

    We have grown to 2 convenient locations. One in Florence the other in Cincinnati. Use the direction link above to find the location nearest you.

    Hours of Operation

    Star Building Materials is conveniently open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 8:00 am to Noon.

    For more information call us at 859-525-8882 or email us at starbuildingmaterials.star@gmail.com

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